Mario Sarabia was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1953. He moved with his family to New York City at the age of seven, and he lived in the United States for nearly 22 years. He studied ceramics at Florida State University and Miami Dade Community College (1978-1981).

Upon returning to Bolivia in 1981, Mario decided to become a full time ceramic artist and he has been working in ceramics for the past 35 years. His success as an artist has gotten him mentioned in many important books and magazines, including Ceramics Monthly (September 1997). He has had personal exhibitions in Porto Alegre (Brazil), London (England), and Paris (France), Chicago (Usa).

His workshop and home are located in La Paz, Bolivia 11,000 feet(3,600 msn) level.

Various cultural groups come to visit Mario’s workshop and studio every day and thus his work is spread around the world.

He personally digs up all the clay used to make his artwork and fires it at high temperatures in a low oxygen enviroment.

As an artist, Mario looks to represent in his art the soul of the mountains from which his clay comes.


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